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Sapphire V1 Nano Ceramic by FlightShield offers our most advanced protective and durable (24 month) coating available to the aviation industry. Our aircraft specific formula is easy to apply and is guaranteed to protect your aircraft paint for years. Unlike Teflon, Polymers and Wax, Sapphire V1 provides a permanent, 9H hard, durable and crystal clear protective coating with unmatched shine and gloss.

 Specs and Benefits:

  • Ultra High Gloss and Shine
  • 9H Hardness for Scratch and Abrasion Resistance
  • Hydrophobic (water shedding properties)
  • 1500 Degree F. Temperature Resistance
  • Prevents Oxidation (fading of paint)
  • Protects from UV Damage
  • Prevents Exhaust Staining in Paint from Turboprop, Jet and Piston Engines
  • Keeps Aircraft Cleaner for Longer by Rejecting Dirt, Oil, Exhaust, Insect and Bird Deposits

Application Instructions supplied with each order along with anytime phone support from a professional aircraft detailer. Application Blocks and Pads included with each purchase.

Real Clean offers a 100 % Money Back Guarantee on all unopened product.

Coverage Recommendations:

Single Engine Aircraft (i.e.Beechcraft Bonanza) 4 Bottles

Twin Engine (i.e.Beechcraft Baron) 6 Bottles

Single Engine Turboprop (i.e TBM) 7 Bottles

Large Turboprop (i.e. PC12 or King Air) 10 Bottles

Small Jet (i.e. Citation II) 10 Bottles

Midsize Jet (i.e. Hawker 800) 14 Bottles

Large Jet (i.e. Gulfstream) 24 Bottles

Not sure how much product will you need? Give us a call at (888)944-6357 !



$189.95 Regular Price
$139.95Sale Price
  • If you are no 100% satisfied with any of our products we will immediatly refund your purchase, no questions asked!


    Important Note Prior to Applying Sapphire V1-

    The painted surface needs to be in a like new condition, without dust, fuel, grease, grime, salt, wax and silicone residues. The surface must also be thoroughly cleaned. 


    • Roll the bottle to mix.  Do not Shake.

    • Using the supplied applicator block and application cloth, saturate the application cloth and apply a thin and even layer of product to the surface. The surface should be wet and uniform but not so wet where the product is running or dripping. We recommend a 5 ft. by 5 ft. section or smaller.

    • Allow the product to sit and cure to the surface for approximately 1 to 2 minutes. Using a clean microfiber towel check the surface tension and tackiness of the product. The product should be left to cure enough and resist the cloth while hand buffing. Once the proper cure time has been identified, feel free to continue to hand buff or use an orbital buffer at low speed to remove excess product until the surface is smooth uniform and glossy.

    • Repeat the above steps for the next section of the aircraft while slightly overlapping the previous section to ensure complete coverage.

    • Verify that no product residue is left on the surface. The coating will continue to cure over the next 8 hours. Avoid flying the aircraft or getting the aircraft wet for at least 8 hours after the application.


    **If the product has cured to the surface and is streaking or difficult to remove, re-wet the area with fresh product as soon as possible. If the product has fully cured, it can be difficult to remove, and that area will need to be buffed using a course compound to remove the coating.

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