FlightShield is a crystal clear nano coating that chemically bonds to aircraft paint to become a new surface and protective layer offering an ultra smooth, high gloss and resistant coating. This coating stands between harmful contaminants and the paint, providing exceptional protection and gloss retention. FlightShield also offers the finest paint revitalization system in the industry. Our revolutionary process restores oxidized and faded paint to look like new, for a fraction of the cost of repainting the aircraft. FlightShield extends paint life, reduces cleaning expense, optimizes performance and keeps the aircraft looking its best. We guarantee it!

Ultimate Protection

Shield your aircraft from climate extremes and contaminates that cause premature aging of the paint, oxidation and fading.

Superior Paint Revitalization

Restore aging and faded paint to its original look and brilliance for less than ten percent of the cost of repainting the aircraft.

Optimized Performance

FlightShield optimizes performance by improving laminar flow and reducing drag which saves fuel.